Category Products

Silicone Coated Release Paper

  • Single sided
  • Double sided
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Hygiene Products

Wash Room / Hygiene / Cleaning Products

  • Handy paper wipes
  • Handy paper wipe dispenser
  • Industrial toilet rolls
  • Paper hand towels
  • Paper hand towel dispenser
  • Liquid hand soaps
  • Liquid hand soap dispenser
  • Hand cleaners
  • Industrial cleaner and detergent
Hygiene Products

Handy paper wipes

Paper hand towels

Industrial toilet rolls

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Hand operated Polyprop tape printer/dispenser

Tamper Evident Carton Closing

  • Printed Polyprop tape
  • Printed gummed paper tape
  • Printed re-inforced gummed tape
  • Security tape
  • Hand operated Polyprop tape printer/dispenser
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C25 Electronic definite length gum tape dispenser

Carton Closing Systems

  • Pistol grip dispenser for Polyprop tape
  • Dispenser for Filamint re-inforced tape
  • Hand top stapler
  • Foot operated bottom strapper
  • Gummed paper tape dispenser
  • Definite length gummed paper tape dispenser
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Strapping Machines

Strapping Systems

  • Polyprop strapping
  • Polyprop combination tool
  • Polyprop hand tensioner
  • Polyprop hand seal crimper
  • Polyprop cutter
  • Steel strapping hand tensioner
  • Steel strapping hand seal crimper Steel cutter
  • Plastic buckles for Polyprop strapping
  • Metal buckles for Polyprop strapping
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Bag closing systems

Bag Closing Systems

  • Heat sealers
  • Plastic coated wire ties
  • Bag neck sealer
  • Wire ties
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Polyprop tape

Carton Closing Materials

  • Polyprop carton closing tape Industrial staples
  • Plastic (PP) strapping
  • Filament re-inforced tape
  • Gummed krat paper tape — plain
  • Gummed krat paper tape — printed
  • Re-inforced gummed tape
  • Re-inforced gummed tape plain
  • Re-inforced gummed tape printed
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Pallet wrapping & stabilizing materials

Pallet Wrapping and Stabilizing Materials

  • Hand pallet wrap film
  • Machine pallet wrap film
  • Palletizing polyprop strapping material
  • Steel Strapping

Pallet wrapping & stabilizing materials

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Packing Materials – Catering

  • Cling-film cutter boxes
  • Fo-Mo-Pak trays
  • Food grade PVC stretch film
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Packing Materials – Industrial


    • Paper bags
    • Clear plastic bags Plastic carrier bags Zipper bags
    • Greaseproof bags


    • Air bubble wrap
    • Air-o-theme foam wrap
    • Corrugated kraft (SFK)
    • Padded envelopes

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